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Christof Mascher

Street Turns River (downstairs gallery)

20 November 2015 – 23 December 2015

Josh Reames

Josh Reames

Poise in the Noise (upstairs gallery), 19 November 2015 – 23 December 2015

“I am interested in the way that the internet—browsing, blog rolling, etc.—takes away the hierarchy of image importance, meaning, and connection,” Reames explained in a recent interview for Artnet. “You are scrolling down through articles and headlines, and it will say ‘30 dead, suicide bombing in the Gaza strip,’ and the next one is a video of a cat, but it’s all equalized on this platform. I think about painting in a similar way, where images, marks, art historical references, and everyday objects are all depicted on the same level, contained in the same rectangle, emerging out of one painting and into another.”

Poise in the noise is a sports euphemism, commonly used in American football broadcasting to describe a grace or clarity amidst the chaos of the game. In the midst of cultural noise, brought on by the consumption of high-speed information, Reames emphasizes composition in his paintings as a means of navigation, striking a formal balance via colour and mark-making in the absence of image continuity. The content of the work becomes largely reliant on free-associative thinking, allowing the viewer to find their poise alongside the artist.