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The Moonwalker
The Moonwalk
Flux Capacitor
Hop Drop

Sarah Pichlkostner

I’d ride on a rock and go take a bite if moon was cookie

22 February – 6 April 2019

Josh Lilley is pleased to announce Austrian sculptor and conceptual artist Sarah Pichlkostner’s second exhibition at the gallery.

In materials that bridge the industrial and the artisanal, Pichlkostner creates sculptures and environments through which she investigates the representation of invisible processes: the transmission of energy, the passage of time and our psychological behaviour towards materials and objects. When material becomes an object, she states, and the function of this object is continuously developing over time, then the object is ultimately reflecting us.

I'd ride in a rock and go take a bite / if moon was cookie is part of an ongoing story through consecutive exhibitions, initiated at the P/////AKT Kunsthalle in Amsterdam in 2018. The story deals with the conflict between the wish to be productive and the wish to find emotional value. In this second chapter, Pichlkostner isolates the fragile moment where a wish becomes will: the practicalities, projections and hopes for what our intentions may yield as our ideas become form.

In Pichlkostner’s environments, materials push back against their maker. If moon was cookie, and you ate it, because you wanted to, and because it seemed like that’s what it wanted, then there’d be no moon. Creation has consequences.

Sarah Pichlkostner (b. 1988, St. Johann im Pongau, Austria) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, and De Ateliers, Amsterdam. Solo exhibitions include P/////AKT, Amsterdam, 2018; Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam, 2018; Josh Lilley, 2017; De Ketelfactory, Schiedam, 2017; Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna, 2017; Fiac, Paris (with Josh Lilley), 2015; and 21-er Haus, Vienna, 2015, as a nominee for the BC21 Art Award. She has participated in two-person and group exhibitions at the Arnulf Rainer Museum, Baden, 2018 (curated by Rudi Fuchs); Fundament Foundation, Tilburg, 2018; Garage Rotterdam, 2017; and Josh Lilley, 2018 and 2015. Pichlkostner lives and works in London.