Installation view of Icarus - Los Angeles at Josh Lilley, presenting Tom Anholt


Icarus by Tom Anholt, 2022

Tom Anholt

Icarus - Los Angeles

13 – 19 February 2023

Josh Lilley is pleased to present Icarus, the largest painting to date and a dedicated off-site project by British painter Tom Anholt. The work follows the artist’s significant presentation at Art Basel Miami: Meridians in 2022.

Situated in an off-site space in Culver City four floors above the ground, the 20 foot painting will fly over the city’s skyline. Refer-encing the ancient greek myth of Icarus, who upon escape from imprisonment using wings made of feathers, thread and beeswax, flew too close to the sun and burned, Anholt draws an analogy between Icarus and his own complex relationship with the artist’s ascendancy - a position underpinned by subjective logic and volatility. Anholt says “I’ve always liked the fact that as an artist you have the right to say something with total commitment one day, and fail, and crash, and change your mind the next”.

Anholt describes the painterly process as a fallible but beautiful journey, one in which failure is integral to reaching new heights. This new painting is a testament to the artist’s perpetual desire to reinvent and reimagine, and the precarity which that engenders.