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Concerning the Heptameron
Guardian VIII
Mise en Abyme
She Fills The Bags N'eath Her Eyes With The Moonbeams and Cries 'Cause the World's Passed Her By
The Killer in me is the Killer in You
Bayonette Bank
Dead Leader
End Time
Side Show
Wise Old Bean
A Funny Kind of Penitence
Air and Hair
A Holy Wreath
Setaceous Hebrew Character
Old Hand

Daily Miracles

Vicky Wright, Sarah Dwyer, Peter Linde Busk, Carla Busuttil, Nick Goss, Ryan Mosley, Matthew Musgrave, Matthew Burrows, Ian Whitfield & Valerie May

15 May – 12 June 2009

Josh Lilley is delighted to open his first permanent gallery space at 44-46 Riding House Street in the heart of Fitzrovia. The inaugural exhibition, Daily Miracles, brings together ten Britain-based painters, each enjoying growing recognition in the UK and internationally, and presents a specific insight into the vitality and strength of new painting in London.

These are very much not the paintings of everyday life! While they may have their root in observing the now, these artists can be seen to be tilting at introspection, embracing the idea of not having to be restricted to specific answers. Whether expressed in figurative or more abstract means, Daily Miracles focuses on paintings which prioritise the pleasures and potential of multiple readings, allowing the viewer to become embroiled in their alchemical playfulness and pretence at telling tales.

This sense of freedom allowed Gertrude Stein to believe that, "even though there ain't going to be any answer, there never has been any answer. That's the answer! one of the most pleasant things those of us who write or paint do is to have the daily miracle. It does come!"

Daily Miracles is co-curated by Josh Lilley and Sotiris Kyriacou.

Vicky Wright (b. 1967, Bolton, UK) graduated with a Masters in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London, in 2008.

Ryan Mosley (b. 1980, Chesterfield, UK) completed his MA at the Royal College of Art, London, in 2007.

Peter Linde Busk (b. 1973, Copenhagen, Denmark) completed his MFA at the The Royal Academy, London, in 2009.

Sarah Dwyer (b. 1974, Cork, Ireland) graduated from the Royal College of Art, London, in 2004.

Matthew Burrows (b. 1971, the Wirral, UK) studied as an undergraduate at Birmingham School of Art and graduated with a Master's Degree in painting from the Royal College of Art London.

Carla Busuttil (b. 1982 in Jonannesburg, South Africa) studied a Masters in painting at the Royal Academy Schools, London from 2005 to 2008.

Matthew Musgrave (b.1985, UK) studied painting at the Royal College of Art graduating in 2011.

Ryan Mosley (b. 1980 in Chesterfield, UK) completed his MA at the Royal College of Art in 2007.

Ian Whitfield (b. UK) studied at Goldsmiths and at the Royal College of Art.

Valerie Mary gained her BA and MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.