Sarah Dwyer

Sarah Dwyer (b. 1974, Cork, Ireland) paints forms that are hard to predict, confounding figure-ground relationships and triggering memories and associations that disintegrate as quickly as they arrive. The artist draws on the enduring lessons of Abstract Expressionism, a movement of pure potential, as well as the quicksilver of meaning, the flex of language, found in poetry. Dwyer is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, London, and has presented four solo shows at Josh Lilley since 2009.

Sarah Dwyer lives and works in London.


2004, MA Painting, Royal College of Art, London
2001, MA Fine Art, Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent

Solo Exhibitions

Black Chat, Sew Rib, Unit 1 Gallery, London

TINK, Jane Lombard Gallery, New York

Sarah Dwyer: Prints ‘Duck 10 Ways’, Art and Design Gallery, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield

Sunk Under, Jane Lombard Gallery, New York

Whip-poor-will, Josh Lilley, London

Falling into Positions, Josh Lilley, London

Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin

IIBN – A Private Viewing, Josh Lilley, London

Hands Stuffing a Mattress, Josh Lilley, London

Sarah Dwyer, Kyubidou Gallery, Tokyo
Sarah Dwyer, The Gallery at Adventure Ecology, London

Group Exhibitions

The Human Scale, Rochester Art Center, Minnesota
Pigeon Park, Manor Place, London
Eutopia, Queensrollahouse and Excelsior Studios, London

Stains on a Decade, Josh Lilley, London

Out There, Out Where, Outside, Boston Manor House, Brentford

Water Biscuit, Josh Lilley, London
Summer Mix, Turps Gallery, London
John Moores Painting Prize, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool Museums, Liverpool

I shall stay the way I am because I do not give a damn...' - Dorothy Parker, Lombard Freid Gallery, New York
New Order: British Art Today II, Saatchi Gallery, London

Fade Away (Touring exhibition), Gallery North, Newcastle
Fear, Lo and Behold, Salon de Vortex, Athens

Gifted, Josh Lilley Gallery, London
Fade Away, Transition Gallery, London
Regarding Painting, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin

Daily Miracles, Josh Lilley, London

Sarah Dwyer & Diego Sainz, Godoy, Madrid
Notting Heaven, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London
Art Futures, Bloomberg Space, London
Art Car Boot Fair, Truman Brewery, London

Saudade, Highbury Studios, London
Shibboleth, Dilston Grove, London
Action Field Kodra 2006, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki
Heathen Threshold, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London
People Like Us, No More Grey, London

Salon, Hollow Contemporary, London
Peculiar Encounters, Ec Artspace, London
New London Kicks, WoosterProjects Gallery, New York
New London Kicks, Soho House in association with The Armory Show, New York


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Egungun by Sarah Dwyer, 2014
Jawbox by Sarah Dwyer, 2016
 Oddments Drawing V by Sarah Dwyer, 2020
Installation View: Whip-poor Will by Sarah Dwyer, 2014
Installation View: Whip-poor Will by Sarah Dwyer, 2014
Sipiwe by Sarah Dwyer, 2014
Endormie by Sarah Dwyer, 2014
Obidil by Sarah Dwyer, 2014
Installation View: Black Chat, Sew Rib by Sarah Dwyer, 2020
The Day After by Sarah Dwyer, 2012
Tevy by Sarah Dwyer, 2012
Saudade by Sarah Dwyer, 2012
Installation View: Falling into Positions by Sarah Dwyer, 2012
Tevy by Sarah Dwyer, 2012
Mougouch by Sarah Dwyer, 2012
Inklings by Sarah Dwyer, 2012
Knysna Heads by Sarah Dwyer, 2012
Mumblings by Sarah Dwyer, 2014
Turning Vacancies by Sarah Dwyer, 2012
Absolution by Sarah Dwyer, 2012
Installation View: Falling into Positions by Sarah Dwyer, 2012
Gometra by Sarah Dwyer, 2011
Buckshee by Sarah Dwyer, 2009
Untitled by Sarah Dwyer, 2009
Tread Softly by Sarah Dwyer, 2009
Roundelay by Sarah Dwyer, 2009
Notawhit, Notawhit by Sarah Dwyer, 2009


Stains on a Decade at Josh Lilley, presenting Tom Anholt, Brian Bress, Peter Linde Busk, Gareth Cadwallader, Sarah Dwyer, Derek Fordjour, Nick Goss, Nicholas Hatfull, Christof Mascher, Rebecca Nassauer, Sarah Pichlkostner, Benedetto Pietromarchi, Belén Rodríguez González , Kathleen Ryan, Analia Saban, Vicky Wright, Ryan Mosley, Celeste Rapone, Hurvin Anderson, Jack Burton, Ian Davis, Svenja Deininger, Holly Hendry, John Houck, Aliza Nisenbaum, Conrad Shawcross, Leon Kossoff, Tal R, Paula Rego, Euan Uglow & Kaari Upson

Stains on a Decade

Group Show

Water Biscuit at Josh Lilley, presenting Belén Rodríguez González , Carla Busuttil, Kathleen Ryan, Matt Lipps, Nicholas Hatfull, Nick Goss, Peter Linde Busk, Rebecca Nassauer, Sarah Dwyer, Sarah Pichlkostner, Vicky Wright & Yana Naidenov

Water Biscuit

Group Show

Whip-poor-will at Josh Lilley, presenting Sarah Dwyer


Solo Show

Falling Into Positions at Josh Lilley, presenting Sarah Dwyer

Falling Into Positions

Solo Show

Gifted at Josh Lilley, presenting Nick Goss, Rebecca Nassauer, Belén Rodríguez González , Benedetto Pietromarchi, Sarah Dwyer, Carla Busuttil, Christof Mascher, Analia Saban, Michael Huey & Clara S Rueprich


Group Show

Hands Stuffing a Mattress at Josh Lilley, presenting Sarah Dwyer

Hands Stuffing a Mattress

Solo Show

Daily Miracles at Josh Lilley, presenting Vicky Wright, Sarah Dwyer, Peter Linde Busk, Carla Busuttil, Nick Goss, Ryan Mosley, Matthew Musgrave, Matthew Burrows, Ian Whitfield & Valerie May

Daily Miracles

Group Show