Autumn Wallace

Autumn Wallace (b. 1996, Philadelphia, PA) graduated from Tyler School of Art at Temple University in 2018. Wallace is a cross-disciplinary artist whose work examines myth, gender, sexuality and the black femme experience. Their work draws on a diverse range of material and research including early 90’s cartoons, Byzantine aesthetics, “low-quality adult materials”, anthropology and zoology, crafting unique stories and characters which reoccur and evolve throughout their practice. Through this eclectic methodology, Wallace creates alternative narratives which facilitate entryways for excluded voices.


2018, Tyler School of Art at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Solo Exhibitions

Gaa Gallery, New York, NY, USA (Upcoming)

Ode To The Mercury Thermometer, Solo Exhibition, Gaa Gallery, Cologne, Germany
How to Hug Yourself: 10 Steps (with Pictures), Solo Exhibition, Gaa Gallery, Provincetown, MA

, Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA

Portside Art Parlor, Philadelphia, PA

, Stella Elkins Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Group Exhibitions

Mirror Milk, Satchel Projects, New York, NY, USA
Group Exhibition, Daniel Lippitsch, Vienna, Austria (Upcoming)

Lichtung, Gaa Gallery, Provincetown, MA, USA
Radical Enchantments, Aicon Gallery, New York, NY, USA
To be a giant and keep quiet about it, Margot Samel, New York, NY, USA
Density’s Glitch, Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA, USA
RAW, curated by Daniel Lippitsch, Vacancy Gallery, Shanghai, China
Body Image, curated by Hannah Pierce, E Street Gallery, NCECA, Sacramento, CA, USA
To be a giant and keep quiet about it, curated by Margot Samuel, Yee Society, Hong Kong

Moved Still Lives, Lauren Powell Productions, Los Angeles, CA
Sanctuary, Da Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA

, Blum and Poe, Los Angeles, CA
Live from the Deep End, Gobstopper Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Repose, Gaa Gallery, Provincetown, MA
Fellows Exhibition, Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM), Provincetown, MA

Group Exhibition, Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA
19.5%, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA
Monsters of Advertising, Mothership Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Call and Response Book Launch and Exhibition, Our House Culture Center, Philadelphia, PA
More Than That, Flaten Museum, Minneapolis, MN

Unknown Colors
, Giovinetti Studios, Philadelphia, PA
Bond of Knowing, Stella Elkins gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Crime on South Pop-Up Gallery, Le Flirt, Philadelphia, PA
NCECA 76ers Juried Student Exhibition, NCECA 2018 Conference, Pittsburgh, PA
The Hustle Juried Student Exhibition, Stella Elkins Gallery, Philadelphia, PA



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...on the other side by Autumn Wallace, 2023
Forty Knots and How to Tie Them: Rabbit Season by Autumn Wallace, 2022
Double Dutch by Autumn Wallace, 2020
Wire Transfer by Autumn Wallace, 2022
Allow Me-- by Autumn Wallace, 2023
...on the other side (side view) by Autumn Wallace, undefined
Left on Re(a)d by Autumn Wallace, 2021
Gold Plated Moment by Autumn Wallace, 2021
Security Blanket by Autumn Wallace, 2020
Fine Words Butter No Parsnips (a.k.a. Trout Tickling) by Autumn Wallace, 2022
Something/Anything? (Disc 2 Track 9) by Autumn Wallace, 2021
Use Case by Autumn Wallace, 2022
Imperial Brand (a.k.a. What I know about Margarine) by Autumn Wallace, 2020
Guerilla Guardening by Autumn Wallace, 2022